Saturday, July 25, 2015

(Not Quite) All Quiet On The Hobby Front

So, with my recent unintentional unemployment, and looking for jobs, and battling my ex-employer over unemployment benefits, you would think I had neither time nor money to be engaging in miniature or gaming pursuits.

And you would be mostly right. Mostly, but not entirely.

I have been doing a little hobby stuff, here and there. For instance, I recently made a game board and two armies for The Duke (by Catalyst Games) one each for me and my wife. Also, I have been working on a whiteboard game board for Solo Tower Hack, so I can quit printing the home made printouts I cobbled together from the flash game. I really enjoy Solo Tower Hack, and while there is not real 'Character Generation,' for said game, I still find myself making characters in my head and equipping them as the ascend.

Also, I have been picking up the odd 'Toys for Wargaming' type of things, mostly at Game Stop, for an upcoming solo campaign of a new fun game I found called War Stuff. This is put out by the One Page Gaming rules guys. You can find it here.

The title was also done somewhat deliberately, as I have apparently caught, as happens from time to time, the WW1 gaming bug as well. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, hopefully a little more content soon, I'm currently trying to cool down after a fairly bad day of battling government bureaucracy and corporate human resource shenanigans.

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Magos Kasen said...

Sorry to hear about the battles withe system, all the best job hunting, know what that's like. Hope to see some pics of the gaming stuff soon :)