Monday, July 13, 2015

Solo Tower Hack - Solo Gaming New And Improved?

I do so love solitaire games. It's how I started playing wargames seriously in late elementary school (dedicated readers will know my very first wargame was BattleTroops, but that was not very in depth, and it belonged to a neighbor). In fact, my very first RPG was a solo version of Dungeons & Dragons that came in the starter box I got for Christmas in probably 1992.

So it's clear that I like Solo games a lot. I've got a wife and kids, not much time or commitment from my other gamer friends, and I try to not spend ALL of my alone time on the computer. Hey, I try, alright?

 A few years ago, I got pretty excited about a game called Solo Dungeon Bash, because it was fun and simple and free. I like those things. Well, this morning, I followed a link on another blog to Board Game Geeks, and as always happens on that site, I ended up clicking around in the menus and suggestions links at the bottom of the page. While I was doing that, I happened across what you might call a 'Spiritual Successor' to that older game called Solo Tower Hack.

There are differences between the two, of course, but the similarities are strong enough that I already know how to play the game on an instinctual level. There's also a flash version that you can play which doesn't even require a pencil or dice. That's's even free-er!

It's a little more slick and elegant than Solo Dungeon Bash, though it's difficult to describe how. I do miss the mechanics for purchasing better gear, though the experience works a little better, in my opinion. I plan on playing this quite a bit in the next few weeks. I will let you know how it goes. I might even start a series, depending on how bored I get.

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