Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Halo Mega Bloks - UNSC Fireteam Eagle

So, another day, another post about a new Halo Megabloks set. I have kind of a backlog of toy posts, since I've pretty much given up on the Examiner. This set came out a few months ago, and I it was all built and photographed, just waiting for them to get their snakes untangled. Well, they've only made them worse, so I figured why not just post it here?

This is a pretty fun set, and really heavy on the Promethean accessories. I forgot all of the names of the guns except for the light rifle, because, to be honest, I didn't like Halo 4 all that well. Still, they are some fairly cool accessories, and I especially like the pointy grenades, since they are plentiful and more easily identifiable than the old green frags or purple plasma grenades which were available in the line previously.

Also, your usual grab bag of armor permutations is at hand here. THe new Halo Spartans continue to impress, as the modular armor parts work really well, and make the Spartans stand out from any other figures in the same size. They can be used along side the Call of Duty minifigs, and are noticeably more massive. Just the way Spartans should be.

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