Saturday, August 1, 2015

On The Down-Load: Fate Grand Order

I've never made it much of a secret that my favorite anime/game/merchandise franchise is Fate/Stay Night. And now, there is a new Android game that just got released called Fate/Grand Order. It includes pretty much every servant from every iteration and game in the series history as summons, as well as adding about as many new servants, many drawn by famous anime artists such as Huke.

They are even reusing some character concepts that went unused from the old anime, like Shielder (the girl on the far left, with, duh, the giant shield), which is very exciting for me, since I was very interested in the concept art for the original series, and always thought I would have liked to see her completed. 

I am very enthused. I am charging my very neglected Android tablet and prepping it for its Date with Fate as we speak. I'll let you all know what I think! Until then, stay frosty.

P.S. I almost forgot, the reason I am so upbeat in tone from the last post, other than the release of a new Fate game, is that I got a new job and start on Monday. I'm pretty pumped! I mean, my first unemployment check hasn't even got here. That's partially because my previous employers are scumbags, and tried to deny my unemployment, but still, that's fast!

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Stu Rat said...

Good Luck at the new job!