Sunday, August 2, 2015

Super Maid Tornado V Slash!

Amazingly, spell- and grammar-check are telling me the title is okay!

I've been playing Battle Moon Wars a lot the past few days on breaks from getting ready for starting work tomorrow morning, and I recently got to the level where the two maids from Tsukihime, Kohaku and Hisui, decide they need to start pulling their weight in combat. To be honest, they were not too bad before this point, as I especially adore Hisui and her "The Culprit Is You" debuff attack.

But in the tradition of ridiculous combination power attacks, whenever Hisui and Kohaku are within two spaces of each other, you have the option of performing their special move...the Super Maid Tornado V Slash!

The cutest part is that it's just what it says on the label. Hisui immobilizes the foe with a tornado of red accusatory energy from her hands, while Kohaku leaps forth and performs two slashes in the shape of a letter 'V' with the Iai sword concealed in her broom.

I couldn't make this up. I love this game.

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