Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gaming with LEGO - JuniorFett's Secret Lair

So I was playing LEGO with my son the other day (as you do), and he decided that he wanted to make a team out of his LEGO minifigs to do battle with the minifigs I have, many of which I have shared on the blog. Midway through assembling his team, however, he decided they needed a secret base to operate from, in order to strike at my forces with impunity.

He immediately dropped what he was doing and began construction (as you do). He tried to explain to me in painful detail what all of the doodads he built into his base were for, but I mostly didn't understand. I am a dad, you see, and we're not that cool about getting whatever the kids are really into these days. I think it was something from Minecraft.

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