Friday, September 25, 2015

I Finally Found A Good Axe!

I know I have not really brought this up much here, but while I was unemployed, my wife and I were trying to get as many of the 'around the house' projects done as we could. One of the projects she had for me was to remove the stump in the front yard.

I had two options that we could see:
  1. Dig up half the yard to get all of the roots.
  2. Chop out the stump, and my wife would kill the roots with some black magic she discovered online (I don't remember the details).
We elected option #2. Now, I'm rather outdoorsy. I was a scout. I hunt. I hike. I camp. My dad was in the Forestry service (back when it was called that). I figured one hardwood stump was no match for me. I mean, I chopped the stupid thing down in the first place. I figured I just had to get a decent axe, chop the stump down to the roots, and voila!

Well, there's the rub. It's really hard to get a decent axe anymore. Our Walmart doesn't sell them at all anymore. Period. I got what I thought was an okay one at home depot, which turned out to be garbage. Most other sellers that I could find were more of the same. I was about one more disappointment away from ordering a Husqvarna (it seems the Scandinavian countries still make quality axes!) Forester's axe off of amazon when I came across this beauty at Orchard Supply Hardware.

It meets all of my criteria, it's made in the USA, and it even came sharp! You would think selling cutting tools sharp would be a given, but some of the axes I looked at today had no edge. Not dull...NO EDGE! As in, I actually slapped my palm against it repeatedly without harm because the 'blade' was as thick as a quarter! After weeks of desperate searching, I might finally be able to prevail against that ironwood behemoth in the front yard.


Stu Rat said...


No seriously. Use dynamite. It's why Nobel invented it. That stuff about building bridges? Pure propaganda.

CounterFett said...

I would if I could get any. I live in California, where the licensing restrictions on such things are severe. It would be the smartest way, considering how hard the wood I'm dealing with is. I don't understand why the previous owner planted this thing. It's horrible.

Knight of Infinite Resignation said...

I can recommend the Scandinavian ones, Wetterlings, Gransfors Bruks or Hultafors. They are all excellent.

CounterFett said...

I may still end up getting the Husqvarna in the future, just to eradicate the possibility of this happening to me again, but the little Tru-temper I got seems to be working out pretty well.

Knight of Infinite Resignation said...

Husqvarna aren't quite as good, but they are cheaper.