Sunday, September 20, 2015

LEGO Minifig Wave 14 - Wolf Man

I suppose the flip side of the coin to the Cat Lady, the Yang to her Yin, if you will, is the Wolf Man. We got a few of this fellow, again, because his tail will be used in the great Holo the Wise Wolf project my wife has going. His tail attaches at the waist, a vast improvement over neck placement. I wonder why they ever though neck tails were a good idea, honestly.

Tail aside, he makes  a decent werewolf for fantasy gaming with a different body, which I do, as well as a wolfman or Moreau for modern or sci-fi gaming as is. He even comes with the cool long bone accessory which will likely be reused as a macabre axe handle in the ascendant army of evil I have in the works.

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