Friday, September 11, 2015

Skyrim Pop! Vinyl Dragonborn and Whiterun Guard

So my wife really wanted to get the Skyrim Figures. When we found them, it was a no brainer to get each of the kinds we had found. So far that amounts to the Dragonborn and the Whiterun Guard.

I always thought the 'iconic' Dragonborn was kind of odd. He's wearing light armor with heavy armor helmet and gauntlets? Doesn't he know that negates a lot of bonuses? He should know how to play this game!

Also the Whiterun guard. I like these guys at the beginning of the game because if you take your time killing Mirmulnir at the watchtower, he kills a bunch of them, and you can loot their bodies. You need the Spetims early on, and there is always one who has an amulet of Talos, a useful and sometimes hard to find necklace which reduces shout cooldown.

I've decided that I'm not even doing out-of-the-box photos for Pop! Vinyls anymore, since they really don't do anything you can tell from looking at them in the packaging. Maybe I'm being lazy, but it just seems like a waste of time.

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