Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Star Wars Hero Mashers - Bossk!

So, in the recent Star Wars Episode VII hype, I came across the Hero Mashers version of Bossk. I love me some Bossk. I like Trandoshans in general, and he's pretty much the only one in the non-expanded universe. They have a culture that revolves around hunting, and a god called the Scorekeeper who keeps track of how many points you accrue in your lifetime. This is the kind of deity I can get behind. I'm a baptist, but I'm pretty sure God doesn't fist pump every time I make a really tricksy shot when I'm culling problem predators.

Maybe he does. I don't know. My New Testament remains silent on the Lord's opinion of coyotes.

Anyway, now that I'm thoroughly sidetracked, here's the Mashup version of everyone's favorite reptilian bounty hunter that carries a grenade rifle. Oh, and because I figured everyone would want to see, I included a shot of him astride the Pop! Vinyl Dewback. You're welcome.

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