Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Less Than Great American Light Novel - a Work In Progress

I once read I was supposed to have a working title until I decided what I wanted to call it, so there you have it "Some Working Title" it is.
So, the other day, I started writing a book.

This is not the first time I have made an attempt at fiction, nor will it likely be the last. My most recent serious attempt was a post apocalyptic survival science fiction tale which amounted to about 60 pages before I lost interest and forgot about it. That was in 2005 or 2006. I've grown up and learned a good deal about literature since then, as well as what I want to do with a narrative beyond simply following a single person perspective as it bumbles through the proverbial wasteland.

Additionally, I know more about myself and how I work than I did the last time. I am taking steps to forestall burnout or writer's block, both of which are afflictions which have killed my projects in the past. Burning out and losing interest, in particular, have killed more than any other single cause. Maybe more than all other causes combined.

So what else is different this time? Well, as I mentioned, my organization and planning are more well thought out this time around. Additionally, I am trying to write this story like a 'light novel,' which is best explained as being like a Reader's Digest length novel. In Japan, serialized light novels are put out several times a year. Some authors, such as Kazuma Kamachi, even have several simultaneous series running. I am certain I am not the first person to try such a thing in English (in fact, it can be argued that James Axler's 'Deathlands' and Don Pendleton's 'Stony Man' series are, essentially, some of the best representative examples of light novels out there, English or otherwise).

In any event, what I am currently working on is sort of a modern reimagining of 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court' where modern people are put into an unfamiliar setting and forced into a struggle for survival. I am building this in a fantasy setting, because that allows a little flexibility and freedom from what 'really' happened if using an historical time frame. Also, it simply let's me manipulate whatever aspects of the setting are necessary to set up any given situation or personal interaction. Essentially, the world is one where what I say goes. That's remarkably freeing.

Thanks so much for bearing with me. Hopefully I will have some more info and progress to report soon.

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