Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gaming With LEGO - Frostgrave

So, I bit the proverbial bullet and got Frostgrave, which is that new Necromunda-esque game that everyone's been talking about. It's put out by Osprey, and it looks pretty fun. But of course, rather than paint miniatures for this, I figured I would just assemble minifigs. This way, I get to have more fun and less work. Also, I am more likely to convince my kids to play with me. How I can find a way to include my daughter's Monster High Mega Blok figures will continue to pose a challenge, however.

Anyway, now that the cat is out of the bag, expect to see some progress shots of how the warband is coming along.

But now I can't wait until the Lich expansion comes out next month, so I can make Momonga from Overlord!


eriochrome said...

This is essentially my plan also. Osprey already tried it out:

I personally have no problem with unpainted minis but I lack any fantasy terrain but have tons of Lego Hobbit, LOTR, PotC, and some kingdoms. Fills up a table nicely.

CounterFett said...

Oh, cool, I hadn't looked at their site much. Make sure to post what you do, I'd love to steal...erm...appreciate your ideas.