Saturday, October 10, 2015

LEGO Frostgrave - Final Thief And Treasure Markers

Well, I pretty much ran out of time and called it in on the rest of my warband. This is a scheduled post, as I am going to be busy today (Saturday) playing Frostgrave in the morning, and then picking up my daughter from Grandma's and enjoying a little on the town time with my family. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures and have a batrep up tomorrow.

As I said, I pretty much just ran out of time here, and grabbed figures that I thought might work. This is the female assassin apprentice from Assassin's Creed. She's made from generic white parts, decals, a Prince of Persia turban, and a face that I think is from the Monster Hunters sets. I wish those had stuck around a little longer, as I got some great steampunk elements from them.

Also, I added some treasure markers that I had overlooked until this point. I made these from the sacks that the Goblin Looters from wave 13(?) came with. I thought it was a neat idea because then the figures could actually carry them on the way out for added realism.


Stu Rat said...

Nice idea for the treasure markers. I've got plenty of those.

CounterFett said...

I originally thought the treasure chests, like the markers they use in the book, but those take up too much space, and can't be put on the character base I use. Well, they can, but the figure would be standing on top of it, which damages my suspension of disbelief.

I'm not the best gamer or hobbyist out there, but there are not enough of us who game with LEGO to really legitimize it. Anything I can do to convince people it's fun and easy is time well spent. I might not go back to wargaming with miniatures. At least for skirmish scale.