Tuesday, October 6, 2015

LEGO Frostgrave - The Plan!

I tried to find a funny picture featuring 'The Plan' and I think this fits the bill.
Good evening all, Counterfett here. So, I managed, through sneaky subterfuge, to figure out what the opposing force for the weekends' game of Frostgrave will entail. Well, actually, I just asked. But that rings less of strategic acumen. My leaderless, and as yet unnamed, band of rapscallions will be facing an Elementalist and apprentice, along with a trio of Barbarians.

I don't know this game that well yet, but that is a bone-crunching, hard hitting list right there. I think. But what it is short on is manpower. Seriously, he's only bringing five dudes (or dudettes) to the table. Which he's letting me set up! And Barbarians don't even move fast! And I'm supposed to make the table windy and cluttered! I tend to get lazy on terrain, and since I have a hard time with new games, I think he's taking it easy on me, so he's letting me stack the deck.

So, taking total advantage of his naivete, here's the plan. I call it Operation Loot and Scoot. It's a multi-part plan.
  1. Take the maximum number of bodies. This is hard, starting out, since 40% of your starting funds are slotted for the apprentice. This means fodder units. 
  2. War Hounds. Sure, war hounds won't last long against Barbarians, but they don't need to. They just need to keep them pinned down for a round. Maybe two. I'm fixing to bring three hounds.
  3. Thugs. Thugs aren't great melee units, but they're decent, and cheap, and unlike war hounds, they are scoring, meaning they can drag treasure out. I'm thinking of bringing two along.
  4. Thieves. Thieves are even worse in a fight than Thugs, but they cost the same...cheap. They're faster to boot. The Thieves' job is to grab the treasure, and hit the table edge. As soon as they're off, they're safe. I am planning to bring two Thieves.
  5. Crossbowman. I always love bringing crossbows. The Crossbowman's job is to troubleshoot. Pun intended. This is the second costliest unit I am bringing, and it will function sort of as a junior apprentice. Essentially the Crossbowman will stay out of trouble and try and pin down or injure one of the enemy units. It doesn't matter which unit, as they are all powerful and costly.
And that's the plan, in all its simple, ignorant glory. I even have a bit of a warchest left over, so I might buy an item or two for my wizard or apprentice to help their longevity. Not sure what yet, as I have not really researched that part of the book a whole lot.

Also, I haven't made my Wizard yet. I have not been struck by inspiration yet. Since this is likely to be a one-off game, and not turn into a campaign, this is not too much of a commitment as of yet, and since I am pretty sure I ultimately want to run a Necromancer or Lich (once that expansion comes out, anyway), I figured I should experiment with something else for the first outing. Maybe a Chronomancer to focus on the 'Scoot' aspect of the plan? Or maybe an Enchanter, to buff my otherwise weaker individual units? Bringing along a Construct to add even more numbers might be a good plan too.

Hmm, decisions.

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