Thursday, October 8, 2015

LEGO Frostgrave - A Quick Detour Into Lichdom

I still need to finish my warband for the game on Saturday, but I hit a little bit of a roadblock. Or should I call it a roadbrick? In any event, I needed to break out of the minifig doldrums in order to be ready for the weekend, and what better way than to completely sidetrack on something else!

I referenced this in one of the earlier Frostgrave posts, but there is a Lich expansion coming out next month, and I am going to be on it like gravy on rice...wait. So I decided I needed a Lich. Mine is pretty heavily modeled on Momonga from Overlord. He's made from the lower robe, arms, cape and collar of the fire mage from a few minifig waves ago (the same one I made my Illithid from, if you recall). He also has the torso and hands of the skeleton costume guy from wave 14. The head is from Ninjago's Nuckal, a character I wish I could find more of.

The bottom part of the robe is made from the vent piece and 2x2x1 slope in brown, from Jabba's sail barge I believe. That last bit was because I wanted him to be extra tall. Momonga in Overlord is darn big, and I wanted my Lich to be equally imposing. Mrs. Fett came up with the idea and graciously bestowed the parts upon me for the project. I should have taken an angle shot to show the robe trailing off behind him, because it's a neat effect, but I forgot. Mrs. Fett is the best. I have also referenced this before.

Here's another shot of my Lich, this time with his undead attendants, for scale. Again, I wish I'd taken the picture with normal minifigs, but since these guys are the same height, you get the idea. The skeletons came with the Scooby Doo pirate ship I showed a few months ago, as part of my dead in the Water Spelljammer idea. I'll link that in the tags, if you want to check it out (along with my Mind Flayer, made from many of the same parts as the Lich).

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