Friday, October 9, 2015

LEGO Frostgrave - A Thief And An Archer

So, with time rapidly diminishing to decide on my warband, I suppose I better get this project wrapped up, huh?

I was able to finish up one thief, made from assorted build-a-fig parts from the LEGO store (we used to do that a lot because in the old days they had good stuff in those bins from lines that were old or hard to find). The body is a decal from Brickforge that is sadly discontinued. I think it's supposed to be a trampy little red riding hood costume, but it kind of reminded me of Assassin Cecily from Aigis, so I ran with that theme. The legs are from the Ninjago girl, I think her name was Nya. I have no idea where the face came from, but I dig it.

I decided to use an archer rather than a crossbowman (or pistoleer, as it were) since I am not finding the pieces I wanted to use on that front. Since I was so successful with my Aigis themed rogue, I kind of decided to make Hunter Stray from the same game. It was much less succesful. I don't have any red male bodies. Or blonde male hair. So he sort of ended up looking like Hawkeye. At least he's got a bow and leather armor.

The game was originally supposed to be tomorrow, but I still need to figure out a wizard, apprentice, and one more thief. Since I am likely to forget pictures during the game, I will at least try to photo the terrain setup, and I will post what I end up using for the rest of my party next week as well.

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