Saturday, October 10, 2015

LEGO Frostgrave - Wizard And Apprentice - Finally!

Like I said in the morning post with the thief and treasure packs, I was pretty much phoning it in last night because I was out of ideas and time. Still, I needed to stat out a Wizard and Apprentice, and make figures for them, or we couldn't play. I reread through the magic school descriptions and while I initially wanted a Necromancer or Enchanter, I settled on a Thaumaturge. Because they have great behind the scenes support skills. And heals. Oh, and resurrection. So I took Heal, Miraculous Cure, and Restore Life as my main school spells. Then I took Fleet Feet, Elemental Shield, Enchant Weapon, Teleport, Push, Mind Control, Leap, and Brew Potion. A spent 5 additional Gold Crowns to get a dagger (+1 Fight Stat) to go with his complementary sword.

Now that I've bored all but the most hard core with that wall of text, here's my Thaumaturge. The game we (presumably) played this morning is supposed to be a one off, so I don't know if I'll actually keep the stats and warband after that. Even if I do I will probably make a new figure for my wizard, as this was seriously put together from pieces I grabbed at random. I think the body and legs were Lord Voldemort. The face was one of the Atlantis explorers. The cape is from the blind-bagged Mongol. I'm not sure where the hat came from. I might have grabbed it from the LEGO store. The sword is the Brickforge great sword. I have it in blue and in gold. I am planning to use the blue to show when it is enchanted. His dagger is Emile's Kukri from Halo Reach.

And here's my Apprentice. The hair and face are from the blind-bagged fairy, and her legs are from the fencer. The cape is from Prince of Persia, and her staff is from Brickforge. This figure was lifted in its entirety from my Slayers d20 days. She was my gold dragon character. Man, I want to play that more, just so I can say "My Gold Dragon Character' more often. Because that's a thing.

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