Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mii-World Toy Sets - Or, Charllotte Dunois Goes To The Mall

The Mii World Pet Store. It's surprisingly detailed and fun.
Sort of a twofer post, since my daughter wanted me to play with her this afternoon. She has these Miiworld toys, which are, basically figma sized stores. They have licensed brands, so you can get stores that actually show up in malls here, like Claire's jewelry stores or Auntie Anne's pretzel shops. I've often thought about using them for photographing figmas and like-sized lines in the past, but never wanted to go to the bother.

Bandai AGP Charlotte Dunois. She's surprisingly detailed and fun.
Like I said, they're figma sized, and when my daughter told me to bring one of my own figs and play with her, I figured it was a decent time to take a character for a spin and do a two part review. Still, I couldn't quite bring myself to open up one of my nicer figmas (have you SEEN what Saber goes for these days? Gasp). So, I figured since I have had the Bandai 'Armor Girls Project' version of Charlotte Dunois languishing in my desk for practically forever, might as well take her for a spin at the mall.

I think we all figured Charllotte was more of a dog person (-cough-french poodle-cough-).
The Mii World toys are pretty clever, and go together smoothly. You can interlock multiple segments to make an entire mall if you have the room, patience, and four hands. In this case, my daughter only built the pet store and a few side things, but she has lots more. They seem pretty nice, with a great attention for detail. They have registers, pegs for merchandise, shelves, etc. You can tell they were designed by someone who has worked retail in a mall.

My daughter said Charlotte won this in the arcade. She seems pleased.
Charlotte herself was kind of a nice surprise. She comes with two other faces, but since I figured she was a girl at a pet store, she would have the "Oh Cute!" face on quite a bit, and just stuck with that. She's ostensibly quite poseable,  but her joints were stiff and I didn't want to risk it, even though I got this for fairly cheap. Charlotte's not my favorite IS character, but I like her enough to not dismember her. She's missing bicep cuts on her arms, so her range of motion is surprisingly front and back, with little side to side options other than the shoulder. Also, I accidentally discovered her skirt is removable, and she has realistic painties underneath with little pink bows on them. Because...Infinite Stratos.

Here, Charlotte commemorates her adventure with a picture from the photo booth. Ironically, this one didn't come out that well. I think my camera auto focused on the wall of the booth rather than the figure.

 I had a lot of fun with this project, and not just because I was playing with my daughter, which is usually pretty fun anyway. The Mii World toys were a hoot, and scaled just about perfectly to the Figma/Bandai/Revoltech figures. I know, I know, Revoltechs are a little bigger. I think it would still work out.

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