Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Minifig Tuesday - Venom Snake With Chicken Hat

Or Big Boss, if you prefer calling him that. I forgot to do a post yesterday, when it would have been the far more alliterative Minifig Monday. But still, sidetracking myself off of LEGO Frostgrave once more, I present...LEGO Snake with Chicken Hat! Now, this might bear some explanation. In MGS V, if you fail a mission more than a few times in a row, a menu will ask you if you wish to attempt the mission with the Chicken Hat. If you say yes, Snake appears in a mannish white Leghorn cap, with three feathers on back. If an enemy sees you, nothing happens, but a feather falls off.

Basically, it lets you screw up three times with no one being the wiser.

I think the Chicken Hat is the best thing to happen to the Metal Gear series since Meryl gave Solid Snake the Bandanna which lets you use infinite ammo. I've wanted to make a minifig of this since the moment I saw it in the game. It just took me a little while to gather the pieces. Snake's torso is made from the khaki park ranger with decals added. Likewise for the face. His hood/shemagh had me stumped for a while, until I found the Boba Fett shoulder cape on the floor of my son's room. The Chicken Hat is from the Chicken Suit Mascot from a few waves ago.

I could not be more happy with this build. Or, perhaps I could, there is a new decal out of Snake with an eye patch and shrapnel which would be more accurate. Once I have that, my mission will be complete!

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