Monday, October 5, 2015

Olives - Why I Should Not Be Allowed On The Internet When I'm Sick

Yes, I made my own art. Why?
So, it has just been brought to my attention that I should not be allowed to post on the internet when I am ill.

See, I have this friend, that I have known forever and ever. She's the best. A wonderful person. I would never say anything mean to her. Seriously. We've always been supportive of each other through various bad decisions. She's also kind of a 'whole food' nut. It is what it is. Not that I think organic is bad, per se, far from it. However, I know enough about what goes on in foods in general, and how they interact with the body in particular, that I don't worry about it a whole ton.

So, when she posted a thing on facebook about 'nature' foods vs. 'factory' foods a few days ago, I responded with a joke that all of the 'nature' foods were in fact from factories as well. I further joked that "Olive Oil doesn't grow on trees you know."

Enter internet know-it-all-ism. "Well, you know, olive oil does grow on trees, it just has to be pressed out. It's not made in a factory. It's called cold pressed, there's no factory."

So I went and looked. Turns out, olive oil doesn't grow on trees. It's like wine, it doesn't happen naturally. See, you don't even really eat olives off the tree. They taste bad because they have resins. The 'olives' you and I eat are 'cured,' or fermented, in a brine or lye solution. Sort of like pickles. Olive oil is the same. They are brined or cured in lye for a few days to a month, then pressed whole. This is why it's called olive OIL and not olive juice. Because it's not natural! Cold pressed means they wash the LYE off. That's why Lye or Brine are not in the ingredients. This doesn't mean olive oil is bad for you. It also doesn't mean olive oil is good for you. It just is the way olive oil is made. Additionally, any olive oil you see that's clear has been extensively filtered. They're pressed whole, remember? It's murky and gross in its purest state.

Some of this I knew from growing up around olive trees (remember the 'They taste bad' part? Yeah, I've tried). Some of it I knew because I bothered looking it up before I said anything. And you know what, I actually bothered to reply to the ignorant comment that started all of this with the above specifics, and then I deleted it. Because it was my best friend's DAD. And being right isn't worth antagonizing my friend.

But do you know what's really interesting about olives?


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