Friday, October 30, 2015

Terraria Action Figures Series 2 - The Demolitionist

Hey all, sorry about no posting for a while. Bit of real life getting in the way, a bit of Metal Gear 5 getting in the way. You know how it is. The good news is that I got my job offer from the county, which is great, I just have to fill out a bunch of forms and submit them to get my background check rolling. Yay! The last couple of places I have tried out were simply terrible.

Anyway, I found the second wave of Terraria figures at WalMart and Toys R Us recently, and while we cannot find a list to see what we have bought versus what we still need, I think we might have got them all. The first to be shown here is the Demolitionist. Now the Demo is one of the earlier NPCs you can get. Once you get a few bombs in random chests and pots, and if you have a habitable room, he'll show up. He also brings one of the first truly splendid weapons in the game: Dynamite.

Now Dynamite lets you cheat all sorts of things you should not be able to do that early in the game, which frustrates my wife a bit, since I always have the difficulty progressed in our worlds further than the gear we have.

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