Monday, November 2, 2015

Gaming With Lego - Anacondrai Battle Mech

Hey all, CounterFett here with a bit of a throwback to Minifig Mondays of old! So I got this guy ahead of his street date because they just had him out at the Toys R Us near where we live. Victory.

It's a neat little set, goes together pretty solidly. I don't understand the story of Ninjago anymore, since I stopped paying attention back when the Skeleton's were still the bad guys, but I take it this is a snake people stomper from the cartoon. Sort of like a Deff Dread, to put it in gaming terms.

But what I really want it for is to make D-Walker from Phantom Pain. I mean honestly, I don't even have to do that much!

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Anonymous said...

Read your blog frequently if inconsistently. Saw this on one of the many gaming sites and thought of you..

Don't know what your outlook on kickstarters are, but programmable stomping robots in gaming are one of those things that invoke the rule of cool.