Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Funko Blind pack Princess Collection found at TRU

Today, during my Toys R Us (TRU) run I came across the funko blind packs. To my surprise they were the Princess Collection ones. I bought a few and they ended up being the colored variant of Princess Luna, my favorite and bestest pony ever! As well as, Princess Celestia in white color variant.

These varied from the Hot Topic ones I bought a while ago. Unfortunately my Princess Luna brony color variant broke its horn. Sad panda =(. I will eventually fix her up. I managed to score all of them and got my Nightmare Moon as well. The Celestia from Hot Topic was clear and glow in the dark. But the TRU ones are colored, and work nicely with my collection. I didn't even know they were coming out, but I'm glad cause finding another LUNA made my week!!!!!

Here's the pic of the ones from TRU that I just got today.

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