Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Figma 116 - Black Rock Shooter

Hey all, this is a repost of an article I had to delete to take the Examiner links out of it. I apologize for having it re-done, but it was from a few years ago, and I refuse to maintain links for them if they are not paying for their continued use of my work. You will be seeing a bit of this in the next few weeks. 


Figma 116 is Black Rock Shooter, but in her video game incarnation, not as she appeared in either of her animes. This version maintains the high standards that collectors expect from the line, for the most part. She is quite difficult to work with, however, because of the sharp and tenuous wings on her back. Also, the Rock Cannon is so massive it threatens to tip her over, even when supported by its own stand!

Black Rock Shooter
The figure is pretty impressive, and accurate to the smallest details, like the very accurate stitches on her abdomen. Funny though how I never noticed how obnoxious the video game version's shoes were...
The articulation on this figure can be a little overwhelming. Her wings are articulated. Heck her twin ponytails are articulated! The problem with this figure is the wing protrusions, they are sharp! It makes working with the figure not for the faint of heart.

The Rock Cannon
The Rock Cannon Author
Black Rock Shooter's signature weapon, the Rock Cannon. In the video game, it is slightly more diminutive than the anime, and instead of being able to transform into the Black Lance, or gatling gun, is less powerful, but sporting a bayonet. Even so, it's still massive enough to require its own stand. And even then, the stand tips over, so you have to weight it.

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