Monday, January 18, 2016

K'Nex Titanfall - Militia Ogre Titan

Okay. I feel like Titanfall was maybe the most over-hyped under delivered game that came out recently (rivaled only by Watchdogs), but I found this thing at WalMart on clearance for I think $10. I swore I was going to keep an open mind, and was even cautiously hopeful, considering how much I enjoy the Mario Kart K'nex.

Well, that was foolish of me, because this thing is awful. Don't buy these. It doesn't matter what price you find it at. Buy other K'nex stuff if you are a fan of the line. These are so bad that I am grasping for synonyms to find stronger words to use for awful, and still maintain my 'no profanity' rule that I have had in place since 2008!

It was a terrible chore to put this thing together. Some of the parts require herculean hand strength, while other simply fall off from the force of gravity alone. Most of the joints are immobile. Others snap off if you put the slightest pressure on them, or even on a neighboring piece. One of the few features I was impressed with was the articulated fists. But they are functionally useless, as trying to change the position of the fingers causes the armor on the forearms to come off. Said armor plating is held in place by pushing in a friction fit peg. Which fits...loosely.

I waited to post this for some time so that I could have a completed 'after' shot (if you look at the photo file names, you can see there were 169 photographs between the box shot and the completed shot). Well, the darn thing will not stand. It won't even lean, as the knee and hip joints are so floppy as to be completely useless. It's like a puppet with no strings. So I ended up holding the stupid thing.

The only bright spot in this pile of feces is that the pilot comes with a cool machine gun. It's not LEGO compatible, but does have the grip size used by the K'Nex Mario Kart. So if you were looking for a machine gun to give to Princess Peach or Daisy, you now can.

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