Tuesday, January 19, 2016

LEGO 70412 - Soldiers Fort

I am an unabashed fanboi of the LEGO Pirates. Have been since I was a kid. I have tons of the soldiers. From when they were blue coats, then red coats, the blue again. I have scores of pirate crew, a couple pirate captains, and even a privateer (the pirate captain in the jaunty brown vest). So when I came upon a chance to get this Soldiers Fort set on clearance, I took it.

It's a pretty fun mid size build. I feel like it was a little over priced before it went on clearance, since it is not a licensed set (a la Hobbit or Star Wars), but the clearance price was better than just right. I love the Admiral's hat, and I even got an extra set of his golden epaulets. Which I will probably use to make Nero from Fate/Extra. Just saying.

You get a cannon, two of the new-pistols-cum-swivel-guns, two pirates, two soldiers, and what I think of as Elizabeth Swann, or the 'Good Girl' to make up for the Skull Fort's Pirate Lady.