Saturday, January 23, 2016

Making A Slingbow On The Cheap - Part II

Part II: Preparation and Initial Assembly

Good morning all, Counterfett here. So in Part II, we will be doing some initial prep work, as well as starting the early assembly. After this part, we will be about half done with the project. There's not honestly a lot to do to make a slingbow with this system, which is why I like this method. Most of the time involved, in fact, is gathering the materials and waiting. I took pictures all along the way, so instead of lengthy descriptions, I can pretty much sum it up in the photo captions.

First, remove the hinge from the frame easel. Make sure to use a good screwdriver, so the wood has as little damage as possible.
Next, use your glue of choice to affix the two halves facing each other, making a pistol grip shape. You want to do it so there is a 'v' shape groove in the middle, where the 'barrel' will go.

Cut your pipe to length. You can do this by whatever method you choose. I used a sharpie and marked the length I wanted with the coupling press fit in place as far as I could push it, then used a miter box to ensure a straight cut.

Next, I used a small lump of the LocTite compound to cement the barrel into the groove. The zip tie shown is to add pressure to force the barrel to stay in position while drying, as I think the LocTite expands ever so slightly as it dries. I wanted the barrel to stay in position.

Here it is after drying. I used a pair of clippers to remove the zip tie'ss tail.
At this point, if you don't want to paint the grip, you are ready to proceed to attaching the sling bands. It't going to be a little bit before the next step is posted, as I want to paint mine, but it is pouring rain here. Need a dry stretch to get the paint to cure right.

Disclaimer: Sling Bows shoot arrows via a slingshot mechanism. As such, they have all the dangers of slingshots and bows. Do not build, use, shoot, or eat a slingbow unless you understand the principles at work and how to be around them safely. Do not taunt a slingbow. Wear eye protection. Check the bands for wear before using. Discard broken or worn bands. Be ye not stupid. Don't shoot anyone.

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