Friday, January 22, 2016

Samurai Skirmish - LEGO Akechi Mitsuhide

The capable, clever, insecure, and slightly neurotic Jūbei.
The next figure I finished for my little foray into ONNY Samurai gaming was Akechi Mitsuhide. I actually had a difficult time figure out who she really was, because they almost always call her Jūbei. I seriously had to find and copy and paste that 'u' with a line over it because my computer can't do it with alt codes.

The real Akechi Mitsuhide. He looks quite studious, though considerably less adorable. This is starting to become a theme.
Akechi Mitsuhide is sort of the Japanese equivalent of Benedict Arnold. He was a powerful and talented Samurai who served Nobunaga, but ultimately betrayed him and caused his death at the 'Incident at Honnoji.' He is either reviled or revered for this act, depending on peoples' opinion of the various players involved. Interestingly, while there are many popular theories, no one knows for sure why Jūbei did it.

Her color scheme is pretty simple, so she was not difficult to part out. I had to use marker because the decal didn't cut cleanly, and had white shred at the sides. Also, I had a hard time picking a face for her, because Jūbei is usually depicted as pretty but a little sheepish.
In ONNY, Jūbei is my second favorite character. She's intelligent, overly serious, and thinks too hard about things, but has trouble understanding the intentions of people around her and is easily tricked. She's also in love with Saru, the main character, and has amusing antics where she tries to spend time with him in the guise of protecting Nobuna from him. Saru, knowing that Jūbei is the one ultimately responsible for Nobuna's death (at least in his future), tries to keep a watchful eye on her, and prevent her from feeling betrayed or insulted.

Took a angle shot here to show the flower in the hair, which the anime character has (albeit on the other side).
She is likely going to be the easiest character to make in LEGO form, due to the simplicity of her character design. I used the Hula girl hair because it is close, and even has the flower, albeit on the wrong side. The chest armor is a decal that I cut some pieces off of, over the blue ski girl jacket. Since Jūbei is really only seen using a katana or teppo, there is not much more need for accessories.

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