Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sick Bricks Hamsuke / Bucky Blastoff

What I Bought
I have only paid a little bit of attention to the Sick Bricks, as they mostly showed up in Toys R Us. However, the other day when cruising the Target clearance aisle, we found this guy for about 70% off. I decided I kind of wanted to get it at that price.

Why I Bought It
When I got home, I had an epiphany! "Oh my god, this could totally let me make Hamsuke from Overlord to go along with my Ainz Ooal Gown minifigure!" When I shared this amazing inspiration with my wife, she looked at me, unimpressed, and replied "I thought that was the whole reason you got it." So maybe I am a genius, but I am also the slowest one in the room.

Bucky and his...ship, plane? What is this supposed to be again?
So, it sat in the noble Bag Of Holding on my bedroom floor until this morning, when I had my junior elf (son) put it together for me. He likes doing it, as I generally give him most of the sets he builds (minus the minifigs and accessories I want, at least).

The Berserker Bot, Bucky's Nemesis.
As far as the set itself goes, it's not terribly impressive. The parts have the designs right on them, rather than needing decals. Bucky's blaster is a dead ringer for the alien blaster from Fallout, so I might have some additional use for that. I have not looked at the downloadable game. My tablet could probably run it, but I need more online games like I need more holes in my head.

"Hamsuke, are you smaller? I command you to tell me who shrunk you!"
Final verdict on these is they are decent to pick up if you find them on clearance like I did. I don't think they are worth the regular price unless you play the game. But I am supremely excited about my purchase, because now I am going to create the Wise King of the Forest!

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