Sunday, January 31, 2016

Solo Gaming Projects - Ronin, Frostgrave, All Things zombie

Well, as the title suggests, I am making incremental progress on the big three solo gaming projects I have going. Still working on assembling parts for my Buntai for Ronin. That's going slow, since I haven't even really decided which characters or how many points I will be playing. But still. Also, I'm having a very difficult time with ATZ. Just something about THW's games which I always find a bit perplexing. Perhaps adding that one to the roster was a little poorly considered.

"I am Evileye, a woman of legend. No matter the enemy's strength, I will fight!"
I am thinking of working up another warband for Frostgrave, however. Since my Overlord themed necromancer worked so well, I was thinking of making another group centered around the character above. Evileye is a powerful, mysterious, mask wearing mage who is part of a team of adventurers called 'Blue Rose,' who (maybe not much of a spoiler alert) also happens to be a vampire. She's a fun enough character that she managed to become my favorite in the series, toppling long time favorite, Albedo.

Not sure how I would want to stat out her warband, except to maybe make them themed around the other members of Blue Rose? I suppose the Ninjas can be thieves, Gagaran a Templar, and Lakyus as the Apprentice with some healing potions? If I work on this more, I'll be sure to post what I do.

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