Thursday, February 18, 2016

Brickwarriors NOT - Blind Bag - Viking

And I don't mean historically accurate Norseman. I mean knotwork engraving, antler wearing berserkergangr material right here. I got this thinking that Mrs. Fett would surely want this for her LEGO Skyrim collection, because, well, that's what these are. But, after she went through and took all the parts she wanted, I ended up with pretty much all of this set.

There's the anachronistic helmet, of course, which is pretty nice. The moose antlers are a nice touch of absurdity. The shield, while hardly breaking new frontiers, is a very nice depiction of a wooden round shield. The axe is a nice change of pace from the stereotypical LEGO Danish axe.

But where this set really shines is the chainmail. Oh baby is that hauberk something else. It's honest to goodness chain and harness armor! It looks good, and if you put it on just the right kind of minifigure, it will make a really unique character. That's the real reason I am into these things, as you can make memorable RPG characters that can build a story and take on their own life as you play them with something as simple as putting an accessory like this on!

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