Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Brickwarriors Not-Blind Bags - Merry Man

Or, I suppose Ranger or Forester would be appropriate as well.

This is the first of the three LEGO compatible accessory sets I picked up at TRU the other day. It has a pretty neat hat/mask for keeping your clandestine purveyor of derring-do anonymous. There's a neat longbow with nocked arrow. I've never like the LEGO bows, and this is a pretty substantial improvement. There's a longsword, which I could take or leave, but it's different enough to make it easily distinguisable for a hero character or whatnot. There's a lyre, which, I don't know, it's neat, but did Merry Men have lyres?

Lastly, and the reason I got the set, is the bear trap. It's awesome. I couldn't leave the store without it. I love traps. And this is one that I can use when gaming with LEGO! It's a mutli-part movable piece that comes on the sprue, and has to be built, but it's worth it!

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