Friday, February 19, 2016

Brickwarriors Not-Blindbag - Norm The Minotaur!

The third and final set of Brickwarrior stuff we picked up at TRU over the weekend had me so stoked it was hard to believe. We got Norm the Minotaur! Now, his name being Norm is set in stone, as it is an important inside joke in my family (it's from Phineas & Ferb), but man is this a neat one!

You get the minotaur head itself, which is pretty similar to the very hard to find LEGO version from the blind bag wave last year. No surprises, it gets the job done reasonably well.

Next you get a drum. Like a greek bongo. I don't get it personally, but hey, free drum. It's nice, and I suppose my armies are lacking a certain, panache, when it comes to musical accompaniment.

Then there's horns. You get to have your choice here, normal longhorn steer style, or you can think outside the box and go for atypical deer antlers. Since my wife confiscated the longhorns for her hypothetical Shovel Knight minifig, I am relegated to going with the antlers.

Last, but not least, there is an axe. Now this axe is pretty special. Again, LEGO axes have sort of fallen into a rut lately, with even the old one piece Danish axes becoming rare in the trend of the short pole with metalic axe head. Now, those two piece axes are good, really, but I am kind of sick of getting them with every knight set. This one though, is a double bitted, cord wrapped, two handed axe of justice!

Norm will be well armed indeed.

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