Sunday, February 28, 2016

LEGO Mini Fantasy Tank - Fire Emblem Ballistician

Hey all, Counterfett here.

As you all might know / figure, I have been playing a lot of the Fire Emblem: Fates. It's a great game, but one upcoming DLC has me absolutely mesmerized. That is the Ballistician Blitz, or Xenologue 11, which will be released next month. As a reward for completing the mission, the player will be granted an item which will allow a character to be reclassed into a Ballistician, similar to how the dread scrolls or bridal bouquet worked in Awakening (for Dread Fighters and Brides, respectively).

What's neat about this new DLC class, is that unlike in previous FE titles, the Ballistician doesn't have a catapult, but rather drives around a cool medieval looking tankette!

Most of you reading this know me at least well enough to know that I will absolutely have a platoon of fantasy tanks as part of my standing army! But what's more, since I am obsessive when it comes to making wargame units I like in LEGO, I went and made it! This will likely see mileage in a Warstuff game, where I can stat it out however I like. In all probability, I will just be lazy and use space marine stats for it or something, but I could make it unique if I wanted to, which is half the fun of Warstuff, really.

This was made from the LEGO Dimensions Axe Chariot which came in the Gimli "Lord of the Rings" set. I was fortunate in that my wife was able to take my idea of how I wanted this done, and realize it better than I was able to, because this is so close to perfect it makes my teeth hurt. She's the best.

You will see this material again.

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