Monday, February 22, 2016

LEGO Wave 15 - Ballerina

Okay, so I've been gone. See Fire Emblem - Fates came out in English, and I have been doing nothing but play it for the past few days. It's that good. And I don't even have the DLC that lets me drive around in a little tank yet!

But glorious fantasy gaming aside, I wanted to finish these articles about LEGO minifigs! This is the Ballerina. I probably would not have picked this one up except for the fact that my wife wanted it, even with my pathological collecting of female minifig parts.

Now, that said, she does have some pieces I could use, as a lot of characters I try to recreate do have flowers in their hair, and the little strappy slippers and white tights is a not terribly uncommon theme in fantasy, what with fairies and lost young women in forests being what they are.

So, I guess we'll see.

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