Monday, February 29, 2016

More Brickwarriors Packs - Part 1!

Hey all, Counterfett here again. Rather than bring you a host of posts with one pick of a not-blind pack, I figured I would be lazy and post it in two parts. As much as I love stringing these into a bunch of low effort articles, I figure we all don't need to be spending that much time on this. This batch is after Mrs Fett and me returned to TRU with a better plan of what kind of things we wanted from this, and we sorted through the packs before we looked elsewhere in the store. So here we go!

In this pack, we get a bunch of guns and a helmet that are patently NOT a locust grub from Gears of War. Basically a longshot sniper, grinder shotgun, hammerburst, and snub pistol. I don't know if that's really a locust helmet or anything. Might just be a random addition so this pack is not just guns.

This is the Harpy pack. Probably the best score of the day. I don't thing there are supposed to be two helmets or tails, so I probably just got lucky. The black wings are pretty cool (I might want to make Albedo to go with my Ainz minifigure from a while back). Also a Pilum, because I suppose a flyer would want a ranged weapon. Good thinking, that.

The Wizard pack. A cool five lobed viking sword, a staff, some vines, a kicky hat, and a...pan...pipe? I have a lot of these parts already, but it was still a sweet pack.

What I have to think is some sort of assassin pack. There's a neat mask/hat with ponytail, a poison rose, a nifty scimitar, a dagger, and spiky armor.

Lastly (for today), there's the android pack. Note I said android, as this is definitely NOT a geth. You get the android torso, android head, Mantis sniper rifle, Steyr AUG, and Avenger assault rifle. Again, we had most of these parts already, but still a cool deal.

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