Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Nya And Samurai Mech - LEGO Dimensions Fun Pack

I loved the Samurai Mech and Samurai X (before it was revealed to be Nya) from Ninjago. Unfortunately, the set she came in dressed in the armor was like $50, at a time when I didn't have that kind of dough to spend.

So I was pretty excited when she was rereleased in the smaller set as part of LEGO Dimensions. Now at $20, this was still not a good deal for a set of this size. But when Target had it on clearance for $9, that seemed just about right to me, so I snagged it up.

The timing on this could not be more perfect, since I have been playing the Hoshido route of Fire Emblem Fates, so samurai and ninja are on the brain. Plus, with the kendo armor guy being in the blind bag waves, I can get a sizable squad of samurai with a distinctive commander!

There are no instructions for building the mech, as they are included in the game (boo!), though it is pretty simple to figure out. My little elf assistant ended up taking the mech and all of the extra pieces, but I can live with that, Nya and her samurai armor are kind of the main event for me.

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