Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Awesomest Thing In The History Of Gardening - Part 2

Happy Valentine's Day all!

Counterfett here, sort of picking up the story where we left off yesterday. As the sharp eyed and keen witted amongst you must surely have inferred, as there was a part 1, surely part 2 must follow. Well, rejoice, clever reader, for part 2 is nigh!

Now, along with the groovy cutlass style machete, they had another, less conventional looking blade hanging alongside it. It was marked 'billhook.' This doesn't look much like the billhooks I imagined at Crecy, but it covers the fundamentals in terms of gardening functionality.

As a small digression, there are surprisingly few people here in the States who know what a billhook is. When I was a kid, there was a boy in my class called Billy Hookman. And I was perplexed at the time that no one else at my school thought that was funny. Then again, I was a remarkably well read third grader. The point, however, stands. The phrase really seems to be more of a European thing.

The Fiskars example here is quite nice, but after examining the machete from yesterday, there is really not many surprises. The edges are clean and came axe-sharp. The sheath is well fitted and snaps shut (I mention this because I recently had a knife purchase where the sheath that came with it was undersized and wouldn't secure).

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