Thursday, February 4, 2016

Unlikely RPG Inspiration - The Army Of Evil Snowmen Returns!

Oh my god. I almost peed myself when I saw this Nissan commercial on youtube. It reminded me viscerally of a long abandoned army project I had: The Army Of Evil Snowmen. Seriously, this is spot on what I wanted to do. The commercial is TERRIFYING. Okay, so animated snowmen scare me. It's something to do with winter depression, getting lost in a snowy wilderness, a healthy person's fear of mental disorder, and loneliness all rolled into one.

Or maybe, they're just scary monsters. Like Clowns.

In any event, it got me thinking about my old abandoned Army of Evil Snowmen project. They were supposed to be 'Counts as Tyranids,' back when that was a thing people cared about. Don't know what I'd use them for now, but I sort of want to try.

Of course, I need more solo projects like I need more holes in my head.

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