Friday, March 25, 2016

Creative Burnout - Finding Something Too Close

Welp, It was bound to happen, as I obviously don't live in a vacuum. I was getting some serious traction on my created game world, then I come across a cool anime. Sometimes, that in itself is enough to derail a project, but in this case it was something more dire.

See, when I was looking for clunky looking light tanks to be used in my 'low fantasy WWI' world, I came across Valkyria Chronicles. It looked like an interesting source of inspiration, so I checked it out. Well, it's a real fun series alright, but it is so much like what I was planning (minus the fantasy races, I suppose) that it just deflated me. It's set in that world's equivalent to WWII so time frame wise I'm okay, but a lot of the stuff I had floating around in my head is right there on the screen

I guess there's nothing new under the sun, and I already knew that. Still, it's hard to feel fresh and innovative when something like this happens. Now I have to examine everything I want in my own world, and make sure I'm not turning it into VC 2.0. Because that would defeat the purpose of making my own world, right?

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