Wednesday, March 9, 2016

LEGO Doughboys From Star Wars Resistance Troopers

Well, I mentioned this in the earlier post reviewing the set itself, but the reason I got the Resistance troop packs was so that I could make some doughboy-esque infantry units from them. I think these fellows will be from Kaardowien, because that is shaping up to be my vanilla "US/Canadian" faction.  I wanted these to be as generic as possible, so I used mostly LEGO parts, right down to the rifles, and revolver. I have nicer parts I could have used, but like I said, I don't want to go too crazy right out of the gate. There's plenty of room for more specialized stuff down the road.

I was originally planning on using Brody helmets to make these guys even more generic, since practically all of the allies used those in WWI, but it turns out I didn't have any of those, and they are kind of stupid expensive right now. But I did have a ton of campaign hats from Brickforge's sale on them some time back (I think they were ten cents a piece). And that's suitably early war enough. As shown, I would probably use these guys as basic riflemen in Warstuff, with the officer being just that.

These guys are likely going to see a lot of action!

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