Wednesday, March 16, 2016

LEGO Rebel Alliance Battle Pack

Hey all, CounterFett here. Sorry for being incommunicado for so long, I'm just a little disgruntled with the internet. Politics season can do that to me. But in any event, I got this set here for different reasons than the Resistance set. Not to say that some of these parts won't find their way into my WWI themed minifigures, because, who are we kidding? They probably will. But I actually wanted this set, as it is supposed to depict units from Star Wars Battlefront. Now I desperately want to make a Dark Trooper.

You get a beefy speeder bike, a two seater with a tail gun position. This would have saved Luke and Leia quite a bit of problems on Endor, let me tell you. Also, a Rodian, A Duro, two Human rebels, and a bunch of those cool little shooty blasters that I like so much.

It's a fun set, all around.

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Kim Dubuisson said...

Nice! Never seen this et before.