Monday, March 21, 2016

LEGO Star Wars - Galactic Empire Battle Pack

Here again we have a set I actually wanted for something other than parts to make custom minifigures. Happy Day! With all of the Force Awakens hype, I did get a little burned out on Star Wars, but even one so jaded as I would not pass up on such a cool set. Battle Damaged Stormtroopers! That implies that their armor actually repelled damage and prevented the death of the wearer! Amazing!

The set comes with a little battle station/firebase, with an imperial technician. He has the old style officer hat, which I prefer over the ludicrous 'extended flaps' First Order hat. Man, I'm really panning Ep VII pretty hard today. I don't even really mean to, it's just the new hats look dumb. Again, you get a pair of jetpacks, and boy does this ever make me want to make some Dark Troopers! Hmm, starting to see a theme here.

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