Tuesday, March 8, 2016

LEGO Star Wars - Resistance Trooper Battle Pack

I still haven't seen Star Wars Episode VII. Not because I don't want to (though, astonishingly, Mrs Fett doesn't seem to want to), but mainly because I just don't care. It got so over super hyped here in the months before release, that I was just burned out on the whole idea of Star Wars prior to it even hitting the theaters.

But still, LEGO!

I will admit a sneaky ulterior motive in getting this set, and that is I wanted the khaki bodies and ammo pouches printed on it for my WWI themed army project. They just work so well as doughboys that I don't think I could have done any better with decals.

That said, it's an interesting set. The speeder is reminiscent of the Flash speeder from the Naboo sets all the way back for Episode I. It was an underwhelming vehicle then, and it remains so now. Still, though, it has a lot of cool parts. I like the machine gun/blaster cannon on the pintle mount, and I think I can find some use for that. My son got the helmets, which he was pretty stoked about, and Mrs. Fett wanted the flesh colored faces and hands.

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