Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Making My Own Game World - Part II - History

So, a big thing about making your own game world is deciding what point in history it happens. The world can be a big place, and encompass many different technological levels, or it can be very small, with everyone about the same. I waffled a bit on this point, I will admit, but I think I have now settled on a late-19th century to World War 1 time frame.

Even this represents a little bit of vacillation, as the reason I enjoy this time period in our own world so much is because of the variety. Early armored vehicles and aircraft exist alongside horse cavalry. In some parts of the world, a sword was still considered a perfectly modern defensive side arm. For example, two very well respected accounts of WW1, penned by Erwin Rommel and T.E. Lawrence, show how dramatically different the war was for the two men, despite not being separated by that great a distance geographically.

Additionally, I have decided that I want this game world to be inhabited by not only humanity. It's going to be a sort of low fantasy place. In a way, I'm almost disappointed in myself, but I want to have the typical who's who of fantasy races available for play. Again, this might be a bit of me trying to shove everything I like into one setting, but I was a bit inspired by games I have never played such as Panzerfaust, Gnome Wars, and This Quar's War. I actually have that last one, but I never have enough minis of one type for a game that takes that many.

So, at the risk of seeming like I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too, I have tentatively narrowed down my plans. Dwarven sappers on midnight trench raids, Elvish partisans ambushing forest convoys, and maybe even the occasional Alien invasion to abduct Humans and Minotaurs. This is starting to sound like great fun!

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