Monday, March 7, 2016

More Brickwarrior Packs - Part III

So, Mrs. Fett and I determined we needed more of these, so we went to one of the other nearby TRUs to see what they might have. Much to our chagrin, after looking EVERYWHERE in the store, it was discovered that they didn't have any. So we went back to the location we originally found them, and went back through and decided what else we needed. Sadly, they did not have the Ogre body that Mrs. Fett so direly needed.

Plague Doctor. He comes with the beak mask, which I want to use for Plague Knight, a cool frock coat, a hat (which fits over the mask) crutches, and a wand. Mrs. Fett took most of this.

Witch Doctor. With this you get a cool tribal mask, a feather/leaf crest, a voodoo doll, and oxhide shield, and an Iklwa. Sadly, there are supposed to be two horns, but our pack only had one.

This appears to be some sort of cultist or assassin. You get a headwrap/shemagh, a double headed flail, a pugio, a lantern shield, and a torch/brazier.

We got another Jester set. Now with hat! Mrs. Fett is much happier now.

I wanted this soldier or survivalist. I can't remember why now, but it has a nice helmet and vest, as well as a cool rocket launcher.

This one is labeled as 'Diety,' and is supposed to represent some sort of god of the forge. The wings have a two step peg system, which allows them to be used in helmets, or attached to the feet via the rear leg holes, which is utterly ingenious. Mrs. Fett got most of this set as well, leaving me with only the helmet, I believe. The helmet reminds me of that Skyrim joke about Dagger Armor..."Divines save us, it's so pointy!"

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