Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More Brickwarriors Packs - Part II

So, another day, another pile of minifigure accessories from our recent foray to TRU.

I'll start with what ended up being the most disappointing of the sets. Not because the parts are bad, for from it, my wife was really looking forward to the jester set, and the stuff is all really cool, but because it is missing the hat! There are instead two collars. There's a creepy looking clown staff, extra tassels for the hat, and a juggling pin that splits to reveal an assassination dagger. Cool stuff, just got unlucky with this one.

Next is what I will call a "Sprocket of Strife," to protect the innocent. You get some armor, a helmet, a retro lancer, and a flamespitter. Pretty cool gear. I didn't need this, but we ended up getting it because my wife wanted the retro lancer for Raynor's rifle in an upcoming Heroes of the Storm project she's working on.

Demon. This is all pretty self explanatory. We got a few of these, because my wife wanted two of the swords, the wings, and the tail for the same aforementioned project. The shield is neat, and the wings attach to the back of the armor by grippers rather than put holes, which seems more flexible to me.

Archer. My wife wanted the bow for her Centaur. I think I got all of the rest of this. The armor and quiver ar separate pieces, and work well. The plumbata is more of a roman thing, I think, but maybe this is supposed to be a Briton/Arthurian archer?

The Brute. Wy wife wanted this for the armor, since it looks like a Krogan. I got the rest, which includes some knucks, a looped javelin, a swaddled baby, and a spiked club. The baby I have got before, and I think it is much better than the later LEGO equivalent, as you can change the heads. I was stoked about the spiked club as well, as it will be perfect if I even decide to make Rinkah from Fire Emblem - Fates.

That's all for this time. I'm sure there will be more content like this in the future. Until then, keep your powder dry!

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