Monday, March 7, 2016

Places With Names - Building My Own Game World Part III

So, now that I have some broad strokes made for what I want the world I play in to be like, I have to start getting down to brass tacks. I had already established that this will be a low fantasy world, with typical demihuman races present, as well as a few fantastical monster species, though these will likely be quite rare. I have decided that in terms of political and technological progression I want this world to be at or about the World War I time period in our own world.

So what comes next? Honestly, in order to describe something, I have to have it named first. It's a limitation of my mind. It's inconvenient, but knowing it's there means I am equipped to deal with it. Since I am terrible at naming things in general, and coming up with names for fictional places that I haven't even conceived of yet seems even more insurmountable, what I did was find a random name generator.

How these work is you press a button in a generator that sounds like it will give you results you want. I used the 'Fantasy Kingdom Name' generator here. I generated about 40, and saved the examples I liked.

There was:










Some of these are delightfully Gaelic and impenetrable. Some sound ethereal and elfy. Some are guttural and dwarfy. Some are savage and bestial. What I'm going to do is work up who lives where, and who they might ally with. I'm trying to not stick too strongly to stereotypical themes, so maybe the human kingdoms will ally with massive orc tribes, or maybe savage and cunning elves will be client nations to militaristic Minotaur empires. We'll just have to wait and see.

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