Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Iron River Concord - Making My Own Game World Part VI

Good evening all, Counterfett here with another installment in working up a history, political system, and fluff for my home made wargaming setting. Yesterday we delved into the monstrous, vilified, and not really that bad Southern Trinity. In today's segment, we will look at the last of the major players, the Iron River Concord.

A genial mutual defense alliance of three fairly traditional and conservative Kingdoms, the Iron River Concord was named for the city in central Kedoenia where the historic treaty was signed by the member nations. The alliance was conceived as a check against the growing aggression and expansion of the Mid World Compact in general, and member state Eowigoch in particular. In addition, some bad blood between certain member states contributes to a general antipathy between the two major alliances. Not to be left out, the clashing maritime interests mean there are also bad relations and open military conflict with the Southern Trinity as well.

The Kingdom of Kaardowien. Kaardowien is a fairly typical human hereditary monarchy. It is a long-standing enough nation that it's origins are shrouded in myth and legend, though it was likely to have formed from a feudal state which migrated from the mainland in response to pressure from the Orcish steppe tribes (which later formed the Qukoth Confederation). It is known, however, that it was already a well established and strong kingdom at the time of the Elvish Civil War two hundred years ago, and that then-King Thomasyn Benett granted refuge and land to the Elves who migrated from the mainland. In contrast to serious and strict Eowigoch, or dark and frozen Jeraebwyn, humans from Kaardowien tend to be open minded and optimistic. While they deem themselves seriously committed to defending their allies in Kedoenia, the Dwarves often think that Kaardowien brings too little, too late, to most fights.

Exilarchy of Drieweth. Drieweth is the Kingdom of Elves who fled their homeland in Prendathiel after the great civil war 200 years ago. The King of the Elves Fil gathien, along with his family, retainers, and loyal elements of his royal army, sought, and were granted refuge on the Southern half of the island of Kaardowien. This was later named Drieweth, which means 'remember' in the ancient tongue. Fil gathien still reigns in the high throne at Caliodien, and while not openly hostile to the Elves in Prendathiel, it is widely known he retains designs to retake his peoples' ancestral home. Elves in Drieweth are considered to be even more conservative and traditional than their Revolutionary brethren, and still maintain archery, swordplay, and equestrianism as military arts.

Kingdom of Kedoenia. Ancestral homeland and only remaining surface bastion of the Dwarves, Kedoenia is an important center of commerce, hub of higher learning, and is also the only mainland member of the Iron River Concord. As such, they are increasingly beset by Prendathielenne military forces, and even Orcish corsairs along the coastal regions. The Dwarves, while never a numerous race, still manage to weather the storm due to their expertise in siegecraft, fortress building, and tunnel fighting. However, more aid from their human and Elvish allies becomes necessary as time passes. As such aid comes from maritime sources by necessity, this places the Concord Navy at odds with the seagoing nation of Ybygon. It is quite common for Gnomish submersibles and Elvish surface vessels to engage in prolonged cat-and-mouse battles over shipping lanes. While the status quo favors the Concord, for the moment, Gnomish Captains grow ever bolder in their assaults on Kaardowien shipments of much needed food for the Dwarves.

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