Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Mid World Compact - Building My Own Game World Part IV

So, I sat at my computer and made a map of the world I am creating in Paint. I'm terrible at drawing maps, so let us just imagine that this is a drawing by gnomish school children depicting the rough state of affairs in the world. Basically, I took the nine names I liked from the list I posted yesterday, and split them into three groupings, then assigned what I wanted each to be. It was fairly arbitrary, though I did put some thought into which three I wanted assigned together, as you will see in the coming installments.

In today's segment, I will detail the nations which comprise what I am calling the Mid World Compact. They are so named for their geographical proximity to one another, as well as the fact that they are all located on the central continent. In the current unpleasantness, it can be said that they are the primary instigators and aggressors, though who can tell for sure in the complex web of alliances and intrigues which plague the world in the year 249?

The Kindom of Eowigoch. Eowigoch is a relatively new realm, forged only forty years ago in 209 UMC (Unified Minotaur Calendar), when the High King of Eowich, Eustace Bacon defeated his long time rival in the South, King Rince of Gochland, and took his daughter as queen. In the years since, Eowigoch has been the driving force of the Mid World Compact, strengthening ties with their elven allies, and even, in a controversial move, welcoming the orcish tribal confederation into the fold. The stated ultimate goal of the alliance is centralization of governance and trade on the continent between these three interests. Eowigoch is also working hard to reclaim the ash wastes on the eastern coast of the continent, as their expanding population is ever in dire need of arable farmland.

The Republic of Prendathiel. The ancestral homeland of the elves, Prendathiel is currently recovering from a civil war which split their people along cultural ideologies. The civil war, which was only 200 years ago (a short time to long lived elves), saw the dissolution of the old monarchy and a foundation of a republic style government more suited to individualistic and opinionated elf adults. Long term allies to Eowich, then to Eowigoch, the elves value their neighboring humans' stability. However, the civic strife in Eowigoch caused by the more recent alliance with the orcs has the elves, many of whom remember their own civil war, eyeing their neighbors with some degree of caution.

Confederation of the Plains of Qukoth. A relatively well organized tribal alliance of orcs, the Confederation of Qukoth is ruled by a council of tribal chieftains. The nation is deceptively vast, with low population density, even with the robust orcish reproductive rate. The is most likely due to the harsh living conditions on the steppes which dominate the majority of the Confederations lands, in conjuction with the orcish lifespan, which is the shortest of the civilized peoples. Qukoth only recently joined the Compact, and is eager to take new, more hospitable lands, as well as establish their own cultural legitimacy amongst the more long standing nations.

Phew! Okay, that's the most I have written in a long time. I've had a lot of these ideas rattling around in my head for the past few days, and having them typed out is a big relief rather than needing to remember them.

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